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I'm not really the type of person to join whatever is 'trendy' or whatever, but for the past few months there has been a fad that I just HAD to get into, and now I have.

I am officially addicted to WoW. I just started playing it yesterday so I'm VERY new at it, and not sure I understand it completely, but I love it.

I'm a level 6 night elf druid.

Anyone else play? (I know Travis does!)

If you do, what race are you?



OK so for those of you who have my myspace (www.myspace.com/tails48), you may have noticed that I have a few celebrities listed there. Now, this isn't a lame attempt at pretending that I actually have celebrity friends, I just like to keep updated on their latest projects.

Last night I found Darren Hayes myspace. He is the former lead singer of Savage Garden, and my favorite singer. I love his music. It's just absolutely beautiful.

Anyways early this morning I sent him a message stating what a fan I am, and how his music has affected me, and also how I wished he would tour the U.S. Well... to my surprise he actually responded! It wasn't anything big, just left me a comment saying he loved my note and that he would return to the US soon... but still! I was shocked and very happy to say the least!

I'm all giddy now.

Love you all.


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I don't usually post things like this, but I feel that this is very important. Someone from the organization asked me personally to get the word out about this project: http://www.projectthankyou.com/

I have already taken part, and I feel that you all should as well. Seriously. It takes like 5 minutes.

Let me know if you do it!

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I got an email from Senator John Edwards today (I'm on his mailing list), asking me to refer people to his website. The reason for this is because there are quite a few bills being discussed in Congress, or they will be soon anyways, that impact all of us.

Here is part of his website where you can sign petitions saying what YOU want. When they are being discussed, John Edwards will bring up these petitions. Who knows, they may even have an impact.

So, stop sitting there and complaining about the government. Do something about it! http://oneamericacommittee.com/action/sign-petitions/

Also, I would like to add that I find that entire website to be a very good tool in finding out what is going on in Congress.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we made it! I officially live in Schaller IA. YAY!!!!!

The ride was long but good. All 8 hours of it. I slept for like a half hour on the way, that's it. The whole ride there my bird Phoenix was chattering away, he seemed really happy for some reason lol. It was cute. Now he is sleeping which is not surprising considering he was awake for the entire ride.

The ride was nice though. The UHaul handled nicely. The scenery was pretty and the company even better!

Things are going very well so far!

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Tomorrow is my going away party. This will be the last time you will be able to see me for at least a few months. So please come! It will start at 5pm and go till whenever.

Let me know! And bring food / alcohol if you can!

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Alright, so here is my Conan experience from last night. I'm still trying to take it all in!

I got in like around 9:30am and there was about 25 other people there. Around 10:30 or 11, they started checking people's emails and giving out tickets. My friend was not there yet, so I paired off with another girl and then had our friends pair off.

The line was actually pretty fun. It was mostly people my age, and a few of us sat around and talked about our favorite Conan moments. I felt right at home with them!

Whenever a red-haired guy would walk by, everyone would start screaming "Conan!" it was really funny because a lot of the people would play along and imitate Conan. A lot of the people didn't even look like Conan at all, aside from the red hair.

There were news cameras everywhere interviewing people, it was really neat.

At around 3:45 they finally started letting us in. They let us go in groups of about 50 people which was nice because it was not as much of a mob scene as it could have been. People were still pushing and being rather immature about it, but it wasn't too bad. We went through security and then went to our seats, which we got to chose ourselves pretty much.

The theatre looked absolutely stunning. The theatre is normally stunning, but it looked even better. I just sat there in awe for a few minutes.

Jeff Ross kept coming out from behind the curtain, and everytime he did we applauded him and he smiled, it was cute.

People started getting impatient because by 5pm the show still hadn't started. So we started chanting "Co-nan, Co-nan" and pretty soon after that Brian McCann came out. He basically said "Well, since you started chanting I suppose we have to start now. Conan will be out soon, he's just finishing a bag of coke that he got from some guy named Bob Sirot." He mentioned that he was surprised that so many people were there, he said they didn't expect to even fill up the first row. Then he talked about how we cannot take pictures because Conan is albino and would burst into flames and all that fun stuff.

The he introduced the Max Weinberg 7 and people went nuts. Max got a standing ovation. They played for a while. Pender started singing and went nuts. The entire band had such a huge amount of energy, it was awesome. Pender did his famous long note which was great.

Then Joel came out and announced the guests. It was so loud in there that I could not hear a single word that he was saying. When Conan came out people went nuts and did not stop cheering for a really long time. I think it shocked him.

The show itself was hilarious. It was great seeing Mr. T and George Wendt. When they were showing the outing with Mr. T Conan was watching and cracking up. During the commercials Conan was very professional, going over things and talking with people. Occasionally he would look into the audience and we would cheer. I stood up and showed him my home made shirt and he saw it. He pointed at me and said "YEAH!" and kinda gave me a thumbs up. Yay! Conan actually left the stage during Cheap Trick's performance, which I remember thinking was sort of rude. Then he came back out with his guitar and rocked with them, so that was cool. Conan shook a few people's hands after the show and then left.

I waited outside for him, but he went out a side door and I missed him. Fooey :(

But all in all it was a GREAT experience!! :)